Celebrating Women’s Day with Technology

Women’s Day is not a day in which we will look at the women who have the knowledge and skill to use technology rather we will look into how some of this world’s earliest technological achievements have a direct relation to women and the role they play.

For example, let us take the example of Ada Lovelace. Who was she? She was the daughter of Lord Byron, who made notes on the analytical engine created by Charles Babbage. It was these notes that led to the creation of the first algorithm that could be used on a machine. Throughout this article, we will look into some of the main women who played an important role in the world of technology.

Sheryl Sandberg is one of the main players in Facebook that allowed it to become the giant it is now. She left Google in 2008 at the VP of Global Online Sales
and Operations at Google posts and joined the Facebook organization in 2008. When she entered the company, she brought along with their valuable experience as well as her desire to make profits. She helped turn Facebook into the multi-billion dollar company it is today and without her, who knows where they would lie.

Virginia Rometty became IBM’s first female CEO, even though it took the company some 30 odd years to do so. She became the Senior VP of the company and played an important role when they were acquiring Price waterhouse Coopers, which was thought to be a major project as the two companies varied in culture.

Marissa Mayer became Google’s first female engineer. She stuck by Google from the very beginning and now is the company’s VP of Location and Local Services. This is thought to be the bloodline for the company’s search business, which is advertising.

Many people are not aware of the fact that women play such a pivotal role in the technology arena, possessing some of the most important and senior roles in major companies. Without them, where would the world be?