Outsourcing Sites Who are Using Blogger Templates

Blogger was the first blogging platform and even though it doesn’t have the rich functionality of many of its successors, it is still a blogging platform many people prefer.

Why Choose Blogger When WordPress Rocks?

When it comes to blogging, for the majority of would-be bloggers the choice is WordPress or Joomla. There is no doubt that both Joomla and WordPress are great blogging platforms but the world doesn’t start or end with them.

Blogger was the pioneer of blogging tools, as well as for blogging in general. It is still a popular choice because it offers some perks that neither Joomla, nor WordPress, nor any other blogging platform has. Blogger is less sophisticated but it has all the things you need for a decent blog.


Why Outsource Your Blogger Site on Your Own When You Can Host It With Blogspot?

If you have made up your mind that you are going the Blogger way, the next step is to choose Blogger hosting. Basically, you have two options: to host your site with Blogspot or to host it with a web ranking company of your choice. Using paid VPN service with Blogspot is free and additionally, as some webmasters with blogs claim, Google seems to love Blogger sites hosted with Blogspot more than other types of sites.

However, if you want real freedom and flexibility, then you’d better pick the second option. Find a good blogger hosting company and host your blog with them. This way you won’t be tied to Blogspot and you can make your Blogger site really top-notch. Even if you decide to host your Blogger site on your own, you are still able to use Blogger templates from templatesh.com, so in fact by choosing an independent Blogger host you miss nothing but gain freedom and flexibility.

3 Great Blogger Outsourcing Companies to Consider

As you probably fear, Blogger outsourcing is hardly the most popular type of web hosting. It is true that there are much more offers for WordPress hosting, Joomla hosting, etc. but with some luck, it is possible to find good Blogger hosts as well.

If you search with Google for Blogger outsourcing, you will hardly get tons of results. The reason is that many best web outsourcing companies don’t promote themselves as Blogger hosting companies but in reality they do have Blogger hosting. Here are some examples of good web hosting companies you could use for Blogger hosting:

  1. Freelancer is a top choice no matter what type of outsourcing you are after and its Blogger outsourcing options are not an exception. Arvixe is a reliable web hosting company and you can’t go wrong, if you pick it.
  2. Elance is also among the top choices regardless of the type of web site outsourcing you are looking for. They don’t have Blogger outsourcing splashed all over their site but they do offer Blogger hosting and their offer is a good choice both in terms of quality and in terms of money.
  3. Odesk/Upwork is yet another good Blogger outsourcing company to consider. DreamHost offers everything you need in order to host your Blogger site with them.

Blogger is often underestimated as a blogging platform but this is not fair. If you decide to use Blogger and host your site on your own, rest assured that there are enough out sourcing sites who are using Blogger template, so you do have many choices. Blogger outsourcing might not be very common but with some patience and luck you can find great offers.